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Last Updated: August 23, 2021

The Hard Rock Stadium was established in 1987, as the new home of the Dolphins after the team left the Orange Bowl stadium due to rent issues raised by Miami. The new stadium included massive parking sites to cater to their loyal fan following. The stadium initially had 75,000 sitting capacity with over 200 private boxes, distributed in two rings of general admission seating. The most distinguishing features of this stadium were the 8 spiral ramps, constructed on every corner of the stadium. The purpose of doing so was that the founder of the team, Joe Robbie, wanted to attract an MLB team to the new stadium. And his efforts paid off as the Marlins arrived in 1993.

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Stadium Facts

Team: Miami Dolphins
Opened: 1987
Capacity: 64,767
Address: 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens, Florida, 33056
Record Attendance: 80,120 (2013 BCS National Championship Game)
Stadium Owner: Stephen Ross
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Rock_Stadium
Official Site: https://www.hardrockstadium.com/
Stadium Names
Former Names: Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, Sun Life Stadium
Construction Details
Broke Ground: 1985
Built: 1985-1987
Architect: HOK
Structural Engineer: Bliss & Nyitray Inc.


Owing to its extravagant design and space the Hard Rock Stadium hosted three Super Bowl games in the year 1989, 1995, 1999. The stadium also got the honor of hosting the games of 2007 and 2010 but the structure of the stadium changed significantly on both of these occasions. In 2006 two pavilions were added to increase the office, hospitality, and spectator facilities. While in 2009, the changes were also expanded to the southern end of the stadium.

Major changes came to the stadium after the departure of the Marlins in 2011. As there was no reason now to keep the wide fields, so the management planned to reconfigure the lower stands and these changes were implemented in 2015. In the same period, the sections of the upper corner were reduced in size to install new screens. Four HD screens were added to the extravagant stadium, with each exceeding 510 m2 in size

For the 2015 NFL season, the seating arrangement was also changed which allowed fans to get a closer look at the action and new seats were also installed. In the next year, one of the most extraordinary roofs of an NFL stadium was constructed. It included raising eight pillars to hold over 16,000 tons of steel. The surface area of the roof was 58,000 m2 with a canopy consisting of four spires each 100 meters in length.

This engineering masterpiece attracted plenty of attention, which played a vital role in securing the 6th Super Bowl of the stadium. However, it will be a hefty cost, since initially it was expected that this would require $350 million, yet its completion took $550 million.

Miami Dolphins Info

Rivals: Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots
Team Colours: Aqua, Orange, White, Marine Blue
Club Mascot: T. D.
Nicknames: The No-Name Defense, The Killer Bees Defense, Phins, Fins
Fight Song: Miami Dolphins #1
Team Owner: Stephen M. Ross
CEO: Tom Garfinkel
Official Website: https://www.miamidolphins.com/
Team Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_Dolphins

Seating Chart

Below is a seating plan of Miami Dolphins's Hard Rock Stadium:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays at Hard Rock Stadium?

Miami Dolphins play their home matches at Hard Rock Stadium.

What is the capacity of Hard Rock Stadium?

As of 2022 Hard Rock Stadium has an official seating capacity of 64,767 for Football matches.

When was Hard Rock Stadium opened?

Hard Rock Stadium officially opened in 1987 and is home to Miami Dolphins

What is the ZIP code for Hard Rock Stadium?

The ZIP code for Hard Rock Stadium is 33056.

Are there any Covid restrictions at the stadium?

Covid Restrictions may be in place when you visit Hard Rock Stadium in 2022. Please visit the official website of Miami Dolphins for full information on changes due to the Coronavirus.